The Wonderlic Personnel Test Study Guide

The Wonderlic Personnel Test Study Guide



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Pass your Wonderlic test, even if you have been out of school for years and your interview is tomorrow.

This printable e-book study guide will improve your score by 10 points or more in less than 3 hours. Here's how:

  • We teach you Wonderlic test-taking strategies that you need to know in order to finish the test on time and maximize your score. 
  • Our experts reveal Wonderlic secrets and weaknesses you can exploit to make even the hardest questions on the test easy.
  • Every topic on the 2016 Wonderlic is reviewed in easy-to-understand, bite-sized lessons so you will know exactly what will be on your exam and can enter your interview with confidence.
  • We have packed this e-book with hundreds of Wonderlic practice questions with answer explanations provide you with constant opportunities for practice.
  • BONUS: Includes 2 full-length practice tests that are modeled after real Wonderlic tests so they look just like the one you will be taking.

This study guide is immediately available to you after checkout so you can begin studying right away and is perfect for anyone taking the Wonderlic Personnel Test (50 questions, 12-minutes) or the Wonderlic Personnel Test-Quicktest (30 questions, 8 minutes).

Don't let the Wonderlic test stand between you and your dream job. Get this printable study guide and go into your interview with absolute confidence.



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Table of Contents

About Beat the Wonderlic 4
About the WPT 11

How to Know This Is the Right Test to Prepare for 11
What Is at Stake 18
What Is on the Test 19
How the Test Is Scored 23
Scoring Breakdown 23
So What Is a “Good” Score? 24
About the Test Environment 27

How This Book Will Help You 28

Our Approach 28
Our Promise 29
How You Should Use This Guide 30

Full-Length Practice Test 1 32

Questions 33
Answers 49

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 68

Defeat Your Greatest Enemy: Time 69
Order of Difficulty 71
Elimination 73
Guessing 74

General Knowledge & Quick Recognition 75

Months 76
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Memorization Makes It Easy 77
Practice Questions 78
Answers & Explanations 81
Dates 83
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Chunk It 84
Example Question 85
Practice Questions 87
Answers & Explanations 89
Finding Duplicates 94
Example Question 96
Practice Questions 97
Answers & Explanations 101
Patterns 104
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Number Jumping 105
Example Question 106
Practice Questions 107
Answers & Explanations 110
Ordering 112
Skill Review – Ordering Decimals 114
Example Question 115
Practice Questions 117
Answers & Explanations 119
Graphs 121
Skill Review – Reading Line Graphs 122
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 1 – Match Big & Small 123
Example Question 124
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 2 – Compare Trajectories 125
Example Question 126
Practice Questions 127
Answers & Explanations 130
General Knowledge & Quick Recognition Practice Quiz 133
Practice Questions 135
Answers & Explanations 137
Logic 141
Deductive Reasoning 142
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Deductive Reasoning Made Simple 143
Example Question 144
Practice Questions 145
Answers & Explanations 148
Spatial Reasoning 151
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Eliminate and Then Eliminate Some More 153
Example Question 154
Practice Questions 156
Answers & Explanations 159
Shape Patterns 162
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Eliminate One Hand at a Time 164
Example Question 165
Practice Questions 167
Answers & Explanations 171
3D Shapes 176
Practice Questions 178
Answers & Explanations 182
Logic Questions Practice Quiz 185
Answers & Explanations 191

English Knowledge Questions 196

Similar/ Contradictory Word Meanings 197
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 1 199
Example Question 200
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 2 201
Example Question 202
Practice Questions 203
Answers & Explanations 205
Antonyms 207
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Decoding Antonyms 209
Example Question 210
Practice Questions 212
Answers & Explanations 215
Synonyms 218
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Deducing Meaning 220
Example Question 221
Practice Questions 223
Answers & Explanations 226
Rearranging Sentences 228
Example Question 229
Practice Questions 230
Answers & Explanations 233
Analogies 236
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Relationship Sentences 238
Example Question 238
Practice Questions 239
Answers & Explanations 242
English Knowledge Questions Practice Quiz 245
Answers & Explanations 249

Word Problems 254

Decimals 255
Skill Review – Multiplying Decimals 257
Example Question 258
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Do Half of the Problem 259
Skill Review – Dividing Decimals 260
Example Question 261
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Plug & Chug 262
Practice Questions 263
Answers & Explanations 266
Ratio 271
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Get to 1 273
Example Question 274
Practice Questions 275
Answers & Explanations 278
Average 282
Skill Review – Calculating Average 284
Example Question 285
Practice Questions 286
Answers & Explanations 289
Percentages 294
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Easy Percentages 296
Example Question 297
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 2 – Fraction/Decimal/Percent Equivalencies 298
Example Question 300
Practice Questions 301
Answers & Explanations 304
Algebraic 307
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Age Problems 309
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Number Problems 310
The Most Challenging Word Problems 311
Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Solving Challenging Problems 312
Example Question 313
Practice Questions 315
Answers & Explanations 318
Word Problems Practice Quiz 325
Answers & Explanations 330

Full-Length Practice Test 2 340

Questions 341

Answers 358

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Wonderlic test will this prepare me for?

Wonderlic Personnel Test or Wonderlic Personnel Test Quicktest


Q: I have to take a 50-question, 12-minute test for a job interview. Is this the right study guide?

A: Yes! If you were told that you have to take a 50-question, 12-minute test, then you are taking the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R), which is also sometimes called the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. This study guide covers everything in this exam and will fully prepare you for your test.


Q: I have to take a 30-question, 8-minute test for a job interview. Is this the right study guide?

A: Yes! This means you are taking the Wonderlic Personnel Test - Quicktest (WPT-Q). The WPT-Q is a pre-test that you will receive in an email from the hiring manager and have to take before you are asked to come into the office for a formal, in-person interview. This study guide will have you fully prepared for the WPT-Q in only a few short hours.


Q: I have to take a 50-question, 12-minute test to gain admission into a school or academic program. Is this the right study guide?

A: If you are taking a 50-question, 12-minute test to gain admission into an academic program, then you will be taking the Wonderlic SLE. But don't worry, we have prep for that one too! Just click here to see our Wonderlic SLE test prep materials.


Q: I have to take a basic math and English test. Is this the right study guide?

A: You will need to study for the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST). We have prep for that too! Go here to shop our WBST prep.


Q: Is this the test that NFL players have to take?

A: Yes! The NFL has its rookie players take the Wonderlic Personnel Test. If you were told you have to take the same test that NFL players take, then this is the study guide you need. 


Q: What other companies will make me take the Wonderlic Personnel Test?

A: Companies large and small use the Wonderlic Personnel Test as a pre-employment exam. We have helped people pass their Wonderlic test for hundreds of employers, including:

What companies will make you take the Wonderlic


Q: How will this study guide help me pass my test?

A: This study guide will help you pass your test in three ways:

  1. Our Wonderlic test-taking strategies immediately boost scores: only 2% of test-takers actually finish the Wonderlic in the allotted time. We have developed strategies that will help you not only finish the test on time, but also maximize your score. These aren't tips like "get a good night sleep before the exam"; these are strategies that were specifically created to defeat the Wonderlic test and that you can only find in this book. These strategies alone have helped customers add 10 points to their score in only a few hours.
  2. Our questions look just like the real test: We have taken real Wonderlic tests and have crafted our practice questions to look just like the questions you will see on your exam. This study guide includes hundreds of practice questions with easy-to-understand answer explanations and 2 full-length practice tests that look just like the one you will take.
  3. Our review lessons are thorough but easy to understand: The average Wonderlic score is less than 50%. We boost scores by providing easy-to-understand reviews of every type of question on the exam. We also provide question-specific, time-saving test hacks for the hardest questions on the test, so you get the questions right with less effort and in less time.


Q: I have to take my test REALLY soon. Do I have time to study?

A: Yes! This study guide is immediately available after you check out. We will email you a link to your book and also direct you to a secure page where you can immediately download and access your ebook on any device.

Printable Wonderlic Study Guide

Here is what you will see immediately after you check out:



Simply click the "Download Now" button to access your printable study guide.

We also send you an email with the same download link so you can access it on multiple devices:


Although this study guide is thorough, it typically takes only a few hours to read from front cover to back. So, if your test is tomorrow morning or this afternoon, you still have plenty of time to pass your Wonderlic test!


Q: Is this the most updated guide?

A: Yes. This guide covers everything on the 2016 Wonderlic.


Q: What is the difference between this study guide and the 3 Wonderlic Practice Tests book?

A: This study guide is a full review of everything on the Wonderlic Personnel Test and includes our Wonderlic strategies. It also includes 2 full-length practice tests and hundreds of practice questions. This study guide is for anyone who is serious about beating their Wonderlic test.

Our 3 Wonderlic Practice Tests book is a collection of 3 full-length practice tests and is the perfect addition to this study guide. The Practice Test Kit is perfect for anyone who just wants to get an idea of what their test will look like or anyone who wants to continue practicing after finishing this study guide.


Q: Is my payment secure?

A: Yes! Your payment is 100% secure whether you decide to pay with a credit card or with PayPal. We never see, and we do not store, any of your payment information. Our checkout process is fully secured with 256-bit encryption and is hosted on Shopify.


Q: What if I don't pass my test?

A: I am very confident that, if you purchase this study guide, you will pass your exam. However, in the very rare case that you do not pass your exam, we do offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Pass your wonderlic test



We recently installed an app called that allows customers to leave reviews of our products. We actively solicit reviews from our customers and do not have the capability to create false reviews because of's verification process (and we wouldn't fake reviews anyway).

In addition to our reviews, here are just a few emails I have received from people just like you who were nervous about taking their Wonderlic test, but then purchased our study guide:


"Alex...Jeff reporting back after last nights purchase and today's test. Drum roll please...FOT a 33! ...and the job! 110% satisfied customer! I killed it w/ your Study Guide. You rule man! =) BIG THX!"

-Jeff on Aug 5, 2016




"Alex, Thanks for the response. My studies for the test went great and your practice greatly improed my score to allow me to pass the test to receive a job offering. My scores went from 18, 19 to 30 (after your study guide) so I am truly thankful I found your test and best $ I have spent! Told my employer about you guys so he could tell anyone else down the road. Is there anywhere I can write a testimony about your products?"

-Greg on May 4, 2016




"Alex, I just wanted to say Thank You for your help. The Wonderlic study program plus the extra tests help GREATLY! I passed the test and I am moving on to the next phase which is the interview process. I know that without this program and your help I would have never passed the test. THANK YOU AGAIN!"

- Rick on July 14, 2016




Beat the Wonderlic Review

"Hi Alex, I passed with flying colors! I had to take the test on my own and then again at the company. They wouldn't give me my score, but they said I was 'well within range' needed. Thanks again for all your help. The review I received from your program absolutely helped prepare me. Because I haven't been in school for over 30 years, it was a wonderful refresher!"

-Kathryn on Oct 9, 2015

About the Wonderlic Personnel Test

What is the Wonderlic Assessment?

The Wonderlic Assessment, Wonderlic Personnel Test, Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, and simply The Wonderlic are all names referring to the same exam - the Wonderlic Personnel Test, a 50-question,12-minute test administered to job applicants.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test has two variations:

  • A full version (The WPT-R), which is the full 50-question, 12-minute exam
  • A quick version (The WPT-Q), which contains the same types of questions, but is slightly shorter at 30 questions, 12 minutes.

The study guide covers both of these variations of the exam.


What Is The Wonderlic Personnel Test - Quicktest (WPT-Q)?

The Quicktest is a 30 question cognitive ability test that is sometimes referred to as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Pre-Test. You will have 8 minutes to complete the exam. It is unproctored and taken online. You will receive an email from the hiring manager asking you to click a link to open the exam. Once you click on the link, the timer starts, and you have 8 minutes to finish 30 questions.

According to Wonderlic, the WPT-Q is engineered to:

“Help [employers] pre-qualify candidates before inviting them onsite for in-person evaluations…allowing [the employer’s] staff to focus on candidates who likely have the mental ability to succeed in the job, saving valuable time and resources [for the employer].”

Essentially, the WPT-Q determines if you are invited into the office for an interview.

If you successfully pass the WPT-Q, you will be invited into the office for an in-person interview where you will be asked to take the full-length WPT-R.

*This study guide fully covers both the WPT-Q and WPT-R.


What Is The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R)?

The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) is a timed cognitive ability test consisting of 50 questions to be answered in only 12 minutes. The test is proctored, and you will take it in the potential employer’s office or a pre-determined testing center near you.

According to Wonderlic, the purpose of the Wonderlic Personnel Test is to:

“Measure(s) general mental ability, widely accepted as being one of the single best predictors of job success. It helps measure a candidate’s ability to understand instructions, learn, adapt, solve problems and handle the mental demands of the position.”

Now, although these descriptions may seem quite intimidating, we urge you not to feel overwhelmed. Neither of these exams tests how smart you are; they simply test how well you can take the Wonderlic Personnel Tests …and the Wonderlic Personnel Tests are beatable.

This book will walk through every skill you need to know to master and defeat either/ both of these tests. It will also provide ample opportunity for practice as well as in-depth explanations on how to approach each question type.


What is on the Wonderlic Personnel Test?

The WPT-Q and WPT-R are a hybrid of a skills test and an IQ test. We can break it down into four types of questions:


1. General Knowledge & Quick Recognition (20%)

The general knowledge and quick recognition questions makeup roughly 20% of the test content and can range in difficulty from absurdly simple to relatively easy. The tricky aspect to this question type is people typically rush through them and lose points.

The ninth month of the year is __?__.

  • July
  • August
  • September
  • December


2. Logic Questions (20%)

The logic questions are a bit trickier. These questions are designed to test your ability to answer whether a statement is true or false given specific conditions outlined by rules in the question as well as engage in spatial reasoning and manipulation exercises.

If the first two statements are true, is the final statement true?
James bought Thomas a drink.
Thomas bought Suzette a drink.
James bought Suzette a drink.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Uncertain


3. English Knowledge (40%)

The English knowledge questions will require you to identify the definition of a word or the synonym/antonym of a word. There will also be analogy questions.

The words BENEVOLENT and MAGNANIMOUS have __?__ meanings.

  • Similar
  • Contradictory
  • Unrelated 


4. Word Problems (20%)

Word problems are the most time-consuming and challenging questions on the exam. These questions test your algebraic knowledge and computation skills. You will not be allowed to use a calculator, but you can use a pencil and scratch paper to work these problems.

Four friends go to a local restaurant for dinner. After finishing their meal, they decide to split the check total evenly among the four of them. Friend N had a bill of $50, friend X had a bill of $35, friend Y had a bill of $20 and friend Z had a bill of $15. How much more money does friend Z have to spend on dinner when the friends split the check evenly than if they paid for their bills individually?

  • $35
  • $30
  • $25
  • $20
  • $15


What is a good Wonderlic score?

The company at which you are seeking employment or promotion will have a pre-determined target score for the open position. So, in essence, the best answer here is “it depends.” But here is what we do know:

  • The average score is a 21 (under 50% of the questions answered correctly).
  • 2-3% of test takers actually finish the exam in the allotted time.
  • Your target score should be above the average score of the position you are seeking. The following average scores have been published by the Wonderlic Group[1]:
    • Systems Analyst – 32
    • Chemist – 31
    • Electrical Engineer – 30
    • Engineer – 29
    • Programmer – 29
    • Accountant – 29
    • Executive – 29
    • Reporter – 29
    • Teacher – 29
    • Investment Analyst – 27
    • Electronics technician - 26
    • Salesperson – 25
    • Nurse – 23
    • Bank Teller – 22
    • Cashier – 21
    • Firefighter – 21
    • Skilled Craftsman – 18
    • Security guard - 17
    • Welder – 17
    • Warehouseman – 15


What will my score report look like to the hiring manager?

This is what the report on your Wonderlic score will look like to the hiring manager. The following is a sample report for the Wonderlic Personnel Test - Quicktest[1]. The score report for the WPT-R is identical. 

Wonderlic Score Report

In the above example, Angelo Lopez is interviewing for a supervisor role with this imaginary company. The company established that, for this position, a 27 is their target score. Angelo just made it as he earned a 27, which is the minimum target score established by this imaginary company for the supervisor position. This report advises the imaginary company to pursue Angelo as a candidate, bring him in for an in-person interview, and have him take the WPT-R. Had he scored between a 24 and a 26, the report would have advised the imaginary company to use caution in pursuing Angelo as a candidate. Had he scored below a 24, the report would urge the company not to bring Angelo in for an in-person interview.

Every candidate who takes the Quicktest and scores sufficiently will be asked to take the full-length test. 

Note the message on the bottom of the report telling the hiring manager to confirm these results with the full-length Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) or Wonderlic Personnel Test –Revised (WPT-R). These are the same test, and the names are used interchangeably. The WPT-R is simply the newest edition of the WPT. There are no real changes to the content or format of the test.



About the Author

My name is Alex, and I am the founder of Beat the Wonderlic and the lead author of this study guide.

Alex Hollis

I want to thank you for your interest in my product. I built this study guide with one goal in mind: to help people beat their Wonderlic test and land their dream job.


I have gone through what you are going through now.

A little background on me: I am a Teach For America alum who taught high school physics in Mississippi.

Teach For America takes highly motivated leaders who want to make a difference in education and places them in high-needs American schools. It is a competitive program, but I was fortunate enough to be accepted after graduating college. I was assigned to teach high school physics, and my next step was to pass a Praxis II Physics exam to become a certified teacher. If I passed the test, I could teach. If I did not pass the test, I would not be certified. My career was riding on my ability to pass a physics exam (which I had not studied since high school).

I immediately purchased the only Praxis II Physics study guide available and studied it from front to back. 

The study guide was terrible. Nothing was explained. There was no proper review of any of the concepts on the test. The exam looked completely different from the practice tests.

I FAILED THE TEST BY ONE POINT. I remember the day I found out - I was on vacation with my family when my score report came in. My family tried the rest of the day to cheer me up, but I was just so disappointed - I felt let down by the study guide I had purchased.

I had one more chance to pass the exam in time to get certified. This time, I grabbed as many physics books as I could and compiled my own study guide. I finally passed.

I understand what you are going through now - the stress of having to pass a test to get your dream job. That is why I am here to help and want to do everything I can to make sure that you beat the Wonderlic test that stands in the way of your dream job.


I have a passion for teaching and a knack for preparing students for standardized tests.

The high school at which I taught at was, at the time, the lowest performing school in Mississippi. My average high school student was on a 3rd-grade reading level. The school would occasionally run out of water. 

One of my goals as a teacher was to prepare my students for the ACT. I issued a diagnostic test at the beginning of the year, and the mean score for my students was a 9 out of 36. We had a lot of work to do.

Just as I had to do with myself to pass my physics exam, I broke down the ACT for my students to make it as simple as possible. After much preparation and hard work, my students, on average, doubled their scores. One student, in particular, absolutely crushed the ACT, earning him a full scholarship to his dream school.

I became addicted to preparing people for their standardized tests and sharing their excitement and pride when passing their exams.

I can't wait to help you pass your exam next


This is now my full-time job.

After my two-year commitment in Teach For America, I moved back home to Boston and eventually started this business. I now dedicate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to helping people pass their Wonderlic exams, which is why you will almost always see me available for chat on and why I answer all customer emails within 12 hours or less!


Contact Me

Beat the Wonderlic Contact

By far, my favorite part this job is connecting with people. If you have any questions or concerns about the Wonderlic, about this study guide, or you just want to reach out and say hello, please feel free to connect with me at any time. 

Here's how:

Email: / I am dedicated to customer service and always answer as soon as possible, which is always less than 12 hours, but is typically only minutes.

Personal Facebook: My personal Facebook Account / Unlike most people that have their own business, I don't mind sharing my personal life with my customer; on the contrary, I enjoy it. Keep in mind that I am a real human so this Facebook account is not edited to make me look like any kind of a professional.

Business Facebook: Beat the Wonderlic's Page / This is our professional Facebook page. Come check this out for business updates.

Personal Instagram: My Instagram Account / Not really a great place to get in touch with me, but if you want to look at pictures of my dog or my weekend shenanigans, then it's a good follow.

Online Chat: I am almost always online and available to chat. You can start a chat with me by clicking the little chat icon on the bottom of your screen:

Chat with Alex Hollis on

If I am away, just leave a brief message and include your email and I will contact you as soon as I can.

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