Answer Explanation for Wonderlic Test Question 22

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Alex Hollis, Founder & Wonderlic Expert, Beat the Wonderlic

April 13, 2017

The following is an explanation for QUESTION 22 from our Free Wonderlic Test. The strategy listed below is just one of many from my online course, which has helped thousands of people beat their Wonderlic test and land their dream job.


22. In the following set of words, which is different from the others?

A. piccolo

B. guitar

C. vocalist

D. oboe

E. viola

“Which does not belong” questions on the Wonderlic test.


The Wonderlic will give you a set of words and ask which one of the words does not belong.

In many cases, the words will all be similar, but there will be a subtle difference setting one of the words apart from the others.

In question 22, we are given five words that each has to do with music.

The best way to solve these problems is to put each word into a specific category. I am going to label each word to try to find the one word that is most different.

I know the theme of these words is music, so I will have to be more specific than that to find the most different word.


22. In the following set of words, which is different from the others?

A. piccolo – instrument

B. guitar – instrument

C. vocalist – person

D. oboe – instrument

E. viola – instrument

You could argue that a vocalist is an instrument; however, all the other instruments listed are tools and not a human being. So, “vocalist” is the most different word in the group above.

Answer: C.


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