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This printable e-book study guide will improve your score by 10 points or more in less than 3 hours. Here's how:

✓ You will learn the Wonderlic test-taking strategies that you need to know in order to finish the test on time and maximize your score.

✓ You will learn the Wonderlic secrets and weaknesses you can exploit to make even the hardest questions on the test easy.

✓ You will know exactly what types of questions will be on your exam. You'll also learn, through bite-sized, step-by-step mini-lessons, how to answer every question type on the 2019 Wonderlic test.

✓ Hundreds of practice questions with answer explanations will give you a leg up on your competition.

✓ BONUS: Includes 2 full practice tests that look just like the exam you will be taking.


This study guide is perfect for anyone taking the Wonderlic Personnel Test (50 questions, 12-minutes) or the Wonderlic Personnel Test-Quicktest (30 questions, 8 minutes).

This ebook is immediately available to you after checkout so you can begin studying right away so there are no worries even if your test is very soon and you need to cram!



About Beat the Wonderlic 4 

About the WPT 11

How to Know This Is the Right Test to Prepare for 11

What Is at Stake 18

What Is on the Test 19

What Is on the Test 19

How the Test Is Scored 23

Scoring Breakdown 23

So What Is a “Good” Score? 24

About the Test Environment 27

How This Book Will Help You 28

Our Approach 28

Our Promise 29

How You Should Use This Guide 30

Full-Length Practice Test 1 32

Questions 33

Answers 49

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 68

Defeat Your Greatest Enemy: Time 69

Order of Difficulty 71

Elimination 73

Guessing 74

General Knowledge & Quick Recognition 75

Months 76

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Memorization Makes It Easy 77

Practice Questions 78

Answers & Explanations 81

Dates 83

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Chunk It 84

Example Question 85

Practice Questions 87

Answers & Explanations 89

Finding Duplicates 94

Example Question 96

Practice Questions 97

Answers & Explanations 101

Patterns 104

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Number Jumping 105

Example Question 106

Practice Questions 107

Answers & Explanations 110

Ordering 112

Skill Review – Ordering Decimals 114

Example Question 115

Practice Questions 117

Answers & Explanations 119

Graphs 121

Skill Review – Reading Line Graphs 122

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 1 – Match Big & Small 123

Example Question 124

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 2 – Compare Trajectories 125

Example Question 126

Practice Questions 127

Answers & Explanations 130

General Knowledge & Quick Recognition Practice Quiz 133

Practice Questions 135

Answers & Explanations 137

Logic 141

Deductive Reasoning 142

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Deductive Reasoning Made Simple 143

Example Question 144

Practice Questions 145

Answers & Explanations 148

Spatial Reasoning 151

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Eliminate and Then Eliminate Some More 153

Example Question 154

Practice Questions 156

Answers & Explanations 159

Shape Patterns 162

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Eliminate One Hand at a Time 164

Example Question 165

Practice Questions 167

Answers & Explanations 171

3D Shapes 176

Practice Questions 178

Answers & Explanations 182

Logic Questions Practice Quiz 185

Answers & Explanations 191

English Knowledge Questions 196

Similar/ Contradictory Word Meanings 197

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 1 199

Example Question 200

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 2 201

Example Question 202

Practice Questions 203

Answers & Explanations 205

Antonyms 207

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Decoding Antonyms 209

Example Question 210

Practice Questions 212

Answers & Explanations 215

Synonyms 218

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Deducing Meaning 220

Example Question 221

Practice Questions 223

Answers & Explanations 226

Rearranging Sentences 228

Example Question 229

Practice Questions 230

Answers & Explanations 233

Analogies 236

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Relationship Sentences 238

Example Question 238

Practice Questions 239

Answers & Explanations 242

English Knowledge Questions Practice Quiz 245

Answers & Explanations 249

Word Problems 254

Decimals 255

Skill Review – Multiplying Decimals 257

Example Question 258

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Do Half of the Problem 259

Skill Review – Dividing Decimals 260

Example Question 261

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Plug & Chug 262

Practice Questions 263

Answers & Explanations 266

Ratio 271

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Get to 1 273

Example Question 274

Practice Questions 275

Answers & Explanations 278

Average 282

Skill Review – Calculating Average 284

Example Question 285

Practice Questions 286

Answers & Explanations 289

Percentages 294

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Easy Percentages 296

Example Question 297

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy 2 – Fraction/Decimal/Percent Equivalencies 298

Example Question 300

Practice Questions 301

Answers & Explanations 304

Algebraic 307

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Age Problems 309

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Number Problems 310

The Most Challenging Word Problems 311

Beat the Wonderlic Strategy – Solving Challenging Problems 312

Example Question 313

Practice Questions 315

Answers & Explanations 318

Word Problems Practice Quiz 325

Answers & Explanations 330

Full-Length Practice Test 2 340

Questions 341

Answers 358




Alex Hollis, Founder of Beat the Wonderlic


Alex Hollis, Founder of Beat the Wonderlic

My name is Alex. I am the founder of Beat the Wonderlic and the author of this study guide.

I have gone through what you are going through now.

A little background on me: I am a Teach For America alum who taught high school physics in Mississippi.

Teach For America takes highly motivated leaders who want to make a difference in education and places them in high-needs American schools. It is a competitive program, but I was fortunate enough to be accepted after graduating college.

I was assigned to teach high school physics, and my next step was to pass a Praxis II Physics exam to become a certified teacher. If I passed the test, I could teach. If I did not pass the test, I would not be certified.

My career was riding on my ability to pass a physics exam (which I had not studied since high school).

I immediately purchased the only Praxis II Physics study guide available and studied it from front to back.

The study guide was terrible. Nothing was explained. There was no proper review of any of the concepts on the test. The exam looked completely different from the practice tests.

I FAILED THE TEST BY ONE POINT. I remember the day I found out - I was on vacation with my family when my score report came in. My family tried the rest of the day to cheer me up, but I was just so disappointed - I felt let down by the study guide I had purchased.

I had one more chance to pass the exam in time to get certified. This time, I grabbed as many physics books as I could and compiled my own study guide. I finally passed.

I understand what you are going through now - the stress of having to pass a test to get your dream job. That is why I am here to help and want to do everything I can to make sure that you beat the Wonderlic test that stands in the way of your dream job.

I have a passion for teaching and a knack for preparing students for standardized tests.

The high school at which I taught at was, at the time, the lowest performing school in Mississippi. My average high school student was on a 3rd-grade reading level. The school would occasionally run out of water.

One of my goals as a teacher was to prepare my students for the ACT. I issued a diagnostic test at the beginning of the year, and the mean score for my students was a 9 out of 36. We had a lot of work to do.

Just as I had to do with myself to pass my physics exam, I broke down the ACT for my students to make it as simple as possible. After much preparation and hard work, my students, on average, doubled their scores. One student, in particular, absolutely crushed the ACT, earning him a full scholarship to his dream school.

I became addicted to preparing people for their standardized tests and sharing their excitement and pride when passing their exams.

I can't wait to help you pass your exam next

This is now my full-time job.

After my two-year commitment in Teach For America, I moved back home to Boston and eventually started this business. I now dedicate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to helping people pass their Wonderlic exams, which is why you will almost always see me available for chat on and why I answer all customer emails within 12 hours or less!


Customers who beat the Wonderlic and got their dream job:

"Just wanted to let you know that your e-book and practice tests were a tremendous value. I was able to complete all 50 questions and, while the company wouldn't tell me what my score was, I'm certain I scored at least 45 and may have gotten lucky and scored up to 50. Thanks for creating a great product".


 Testimonial - wpt study guide - 1-min


 K. Waddell



"I beat the wonderlic for corrections thank u for the help".


Testimonial WPT study guide 2-min

 P. Rajan



Alex...Jeff reporting back after last nights purchase and today's test. Drum roll please...GOT A 33!...and the job! 110% satisfied customer! Although I may have passed w/o it, I killed it w/ your Study Guide. You rule man! =) BIG THX!


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"I passed it!!! And your study guide was awesome! Thank you!!"

beat the wonderlic testimonials

K. Bolla




If you have any questions at all, or if there is anything I can do to help you in your Wonderlic studies, please do not hesitate to reach out. I always respond to customer emails within 24 hours (but usually much sooner than that). I am obsessed with my company and the satisfaction of my customers.

Here is how to get ahold of me:


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