What’s on the Wonderlic Test? Example Questions & Sample Wonderlic Test

 Alex Hollis, Founder & Wonderlic Expert, Beat the Wonderlic

April 13, 2017

If you were just told that you need to take a Wonderlic test, then your first question may be, “What’s on it?”

The Wonderlic Personnel Test is a pre-employment exam that consists of 50 questions that you must complete in only 12 minutes. The Wonderlic is a cognitive ability test (a fancy name for an IQ test) that poses a series of questions that we like to break up into 4 categories:

Quick Recognition

Questions include ordering dates, analyzing graphs, identifying duplicates in a chart, finishing number sequences, etc.

Logic Questions

Deductive reasoning, shape pattern recognition, 3D shape configuration and 2D spatial reasoning.

Verbal Reasoning

Analgoies, proverbs, identifying synonyms and antonyms, rearranging sentences, similar/contradictory words.


Word Problems

Algebraic word problems that ask you to calculate ratios, percents, etc. Also operations with decimals and fractions.

Here is an overview of each Wonderlic question category along with an example: 

What’s on the Wonderlic? 

 Presented by Alex Hollis.


1. General Knowledge & Quick Recognition


  • Makes up about 20% of the test. 20%

The general knowledge and quick recognition questions makeup roughly 20% of the test content and can range in difficulty from absurdly simple to relatively easy.

The tricky aspect to this question type is people typically rush through them and lose points.



Which of the following is the earliest date?

A. May 3, 1986

B. March 31, 1988

C. March 3, 1986

D. May 30, 1988

E. March 13, 1986


The correct answer, in this case, would be March 3, 1986.

Answer: C.


2. Logic Questions

  • Makes up about 20% of the test. 20%

The logic questions are a bit trickier.

These questions are designed to test your ability to answer whether a statement is true or false given specific conditions outlined by rules in the question as well as engage in spatial reasoning and manipulation exercises.



If the first two statements are true, is the final statement true?

James bought Thomas a drink.

Thomas bought Suzette a drink.

James bought Suzette a drink.


  • yes
  • no
  • uncertain

The correct answer, in this case, would be uncertain.

Answer: uncertain.

3. Verbal Reasoning (English Grammar)

  • Makes up about 40% of the test. 40%

The English grammar questions will require you to identify the definition of a word or the synonym/antonym of a word.

There will also be analogies, proverbs, and scrambled sentences mixed in. 



The words BENEVOLENT and MAGNANIMOUS have __?__ meanings?


  • similar
  • contradictory
  • unrelated

The correct answer would be similar.

Answer: similar.


4. Word Problems 

  • Makes up about 20% of the test. 20%

Word problems are the most time-consuming and challenging questions on the exam. These questions test your algebraic knowledge and computation skills.

You will not be allowed to use a calculator, but you can use a pencil and scratch paper to work these problems.



Four friends go to a local restaurant for dinner. After finishing their meal, they decide to split the check total evenly among the four of them. Friend N had a bill of $50, friend X had a bill of $35, friend Y had a bill of $20 and friend Z had a bill of $15. How much more money does friend Z have to spend on dinner when the friends split the check evenly than if they paid for their bills individually?

A. $35

B. $30

C. $25

D. $20

E. $15

The correct answer would be $15.

Answer: $15.


Try a sample Wonderlic test. 


The interactive Wonderlic sample test below contains 10 questions. You will have 2 minutes to complete it. I hope this gives you an even better idea of what kind of questions will be on your Wonderlic test.

If you want to try a full, 50-question Wonderlic test, check out my free Wonderlic practice test.

Let me know how you do in the comments below!

10-Question Wonderlic Sample Test

In a 3-year period, the revenues of A Corp. (in millions) were 42, 27, and 19; and for B Corp. (in millions): 27, 42 and 16. Which graph below best contrasts the number of acquisitions each company made over this period?

Wonderlic Question

The words PERCEIVE and DISCERN have __?__ meanings.

Replace the ? in the boxed series below.

Wonderlic Question 2

Wonderlic Answers

VEHEMENT is the opposite of

__?__ is to PURCHASE as HUNGER is to EAT.

An archer misses 60% of his shots. How many shots must he make before he gets 100 hits?

Tickets to a play are $12.00 for adults. Children receive a discount and only have to pay $8.00. If 40 people attend the play and the play brought in $440, then __?__children attended the play.

A company has two office buildings that hold 30,000 employees. Their headquarters contains 14 times as many employees as their overseas branch. Therefore, their headquarters contains __?__ employees.

If the first two statements are true, is the third statement true?

Karl is in line behind Samantha.

Jim is in front of Samantha and Tevin.

Karl is in line behind Jim.

Steve’s utility bill was $25 in March. It was $32 more in April than in March, and it was $19 less in May than it was in April. What was his average bill over these three months?

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