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 April 7, 2017

The following is an explanation for QUESTION 4 from our Free Wonderlic Test. The strategy listed below is just one of many from my online course, which has helped thousands of people beat their Wonderlic test and land their dream job.


 4. If the first two statements are true, is the third statement true?

Bryan skates faster than Bill.

John skates faster than Bill and Brody.

John skates faster than Bryan.

A. yes

B. no

C. uncertain

Answer Explanation for Wonderlic Test Question 4

Presented by Alex Hollis.

Deductive reasoning on the Wonderlic test.

You will be given two statements that you are told to assume are true. You are then given a third statement and asked whether you believe that third statement is true, false or uncertain based solely on the first two statements being true.

Questions like the one above deal with ordering. The best way to approach these questions is to draw a diagram:

Bryan skates faster than Bill:

Wonderlic Test Question 4 Chart 1-min

John skates faster than Bill and Brody:

Wonderlic Question 3 work-min

We put John ahead of Bill, because we know he is faster. However, we are not told yet whether John is faster than Bryan or if Brody is faster than Bill.

John skates faster than Bryan:

Wonderlic Question 3 work-min

Based on what the first two statement tell us, we cannot determine if John is faster than Bryan. We only know that John is faster than Bill and Brody.

Answer: C.

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