Prepare for Pre-Employment Exams

More and more companies are requiring pre-employment exams like the Wonderlic during the interview process. The following articles include sample tests and test-taking tips to help you pass your upcoming exam.

Free Wonderlic Practice Test | 50 Questions, 12 Minutes

Take a free 50-question, 12-minute Wonderlic practice test. This test looks just like a real Wonderlic exam and includes answers as well as links to answer explanations.

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Take a Free Wonderlic Test Online | Interactive Version

This free online Wonderlic test is timed (50 questions, 12 minutes), automatically scored and includes an in-depth report to help you immediately boost your Wonderlic score.

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10 Things You Need to Know Before You Take the Wonderlic Test

Can you use a calculator? Is every question worth the same? What score do I need to get the job? We cover all of your Wonderlic test questions.

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Wonderlic Test Tips – Immediately Improve Your Wonderlic Scores

An in-depth answer explanation for question 1 from our free sample Wonderlic test | The words ADOPT and ADAPT have _?_ meanings.

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What is the Wonderlic Test?

What is the Wonderlic test? If you just found out you need to take a Wonderlic test, this post will help answer questions you have about taking the exam, including how to prepare for it.

Wonderlic Test Practice Question 10 | Answer Explanation

Answer explanation for Wonderlic question 10 from our free Wonderlic Practice Test: In a 3-year period, the revenues of A Corp. (in millions) were 42, 27, and 19; and for B Corp. (in millions): 27, 42 and 16. Which graph below best contrasts the number of acquisitions each company made over this period?